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Yes, call 800-OLD-SCHOOL (800-653-7246) and you will speak directly to Brian Eberstein.
Old School Lawyer Brian Eberstein Logo
Yes, call 800-OLD-SCHOOL (800-653-7246) and you will speak directly to Brian Eberstein.

The number of car and truck crashes increased again this year.

Also, of course, the number of people dying in those crashes increased.


The primary reasons have to do with impaired drivers (alcohol and drugs) and distracted drivers (cell phone usage). Speeding is also a listed cause of many crashes.

You have most likely been in an accident or you wouldn't be looking at this site.

Let’s talk about the following things that I believe are on your mind.
The first question when you are in a car or truck crash is always the same.

What Do I Do Now?

May I suggest an answer. After you’re semi calmed down, please do this. Get professional help. Why do you need that help is a fair question.

Why Do I Need Professional Help?

Here’s why. The person or idiot who caused your injuries will almost always have a lot of professional help and advice. Almost always. That person will have insurance adjusters and insurance lawyers and accident reconstructionists and others all advising him or her on what to say and do.

What is Their Objective?

Their only objective is to prove that you, the injured person, either caused the crash or that you really weren’t hurt that bad or maybe not at all. Regardless of how clear the facts may seem, the insurance side will always try to show or prove those things.


They’re pretty good at doing it even if you’re, as an example, stopped at a red light and the person behind you, maybe on a cell phone, smashes into the back of your car destroying it and sending you to the hospital.

So. Do you need someone on your side who really knows car and truck crash law and who is experienced in handling car and truck crash cases?

Yes, You Do.

Select The Right Lawyer

But, how to select the right lawyer to help you as that is crucial. First, and maybe last, I believe would be the experience of the lawyer you choose.

Has that lawyer successfully worked on similar cases and for how long? If you choose a lawyer with long time experience, you must now be able meet with that lawyer personally. Not by Facebook or Instagram or some other social media but in person.


The lawyer / client relationship is personal. It’s very important to be able to effectively communicate with your lawyer. In fact, that communication is critical if your case is to be handled successfully.

This “in person” method used to be the way all client / lawyer dealings and interactions were done.

Today? It’s almost rare. People sometimes say it’s too “old school.”

I Take My Clients' Calls.

Please Allow Me to Tell You a Little About Me and My Own Personal Injury Practice.

First, I’ve been working on personal injury cases for over 40 years. Right. A long time.

I have worked on many cases to successful conclusion both at various state and federal courthouses in Texas and elsewhere and have also been able to negotiate settlements for my clients without the necessity of a trial.

To do my job, I must hear from my client directly.

My own method or style of dealing with my clients is what I have described above. I take my clients’ calls. Most have my cell phone number.  I meet with all my clients.

They need to know me just as I need to know them. How can I accurately describe my client’s injuries even if I have read all the medical information, met with the treating doctors AND heard exactly how my client feels but not from them directly?

To do my job, I must hear from my client directly. They must tell me about what they have had to endure because of their injuries. They must tell me how difficult life has been for them and their family because they lost their job. They must tell me how they can’t get a good night’s sleep anymore because of their pain and worry about their family and bills to pay and perhaps even permanently disabling injuries.

My personal relationship with my client is important to the handling of the case. I believe that.

Yes, I’ve been told this. “Brian, your method is old school. (That term again). You need to communicate with clients on Facebook or Twitter or…”. I tell all of those people offering that advice that I don’t believe those methods of communication work as well as the way I do it.

So. I have done this because of all that advice. I now have a new phone number for people who want to contact me to discuss their case. My new number? Sure. That’s right. 800-OLD-SCHOOL (800-653-7246).

Call Me, Or Meet Me In Person to Discuss Your Case,
Old School Lawyer Style.

So. If any of what I’ve said above makes sense to you and if you, unfortunately, have been in a car or truck crash and want to discuss your case with me, please call me at 800-OLD-SCHOOL (800-653-7246) and we’ll talk.

We can also set up an appointment and we’ll meet, you and I, to discuss your case. I guess it is all about old school lawyering. I know my client and my client knows me. I look forward to hearing from you whenever you’d like to talk.

Sí.  Claro que sí.  Hablamos Español.