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Getting an Attorney for your Car Accident

Many of us pass multiple car accidents every day on our commute. Unfortunately, we don’t think much about them unless a loved one or we ourselves are involved. When you are in a car accident, suddenly you are overwhelmed with so many questions.

Is everyone ok? Am I ok? What’s going to happen if my vehicle was totaled? Do we need to call the police? Oh, is my car insurance going to cover this damage?

“This car crash actually did change the way my life was going.” A client told me this about her car crash in Texas. Car accidents are seen, by some, as a pretty simple legal matter. You might even think, “Why would I need a lawyer for a vehicle accident I was involved in?” You do need a lawyer, especially if there are any injuries involved.

Car accidents are just not that simple. You, as a lawyer, cannot tell one of your employees to “get that police report” and leave the rest to people who work for you, regardless of how smart they may be.

Why get an Attorney if you have had a Car Accident?

Legal matters like car crashes require the individual attention and direction of a professional attorney. Why? They are complex. There are always many moving parts to car crash cases including the crash itself, any injuries, the vehicles (personal property), the scene, witnesses, and even available video footage to serve as evidence. Lives are changed every day in seconds because of car accidents.

After 40 years I have gained the experience and witnessed firsthand the value of a professional’s help. I make a difference in the lives of my clients, and that’s why they work with me. With Brian Eberstein it isn’t just “hey, call or go online and get the crash report.” That may be the start but there’s so much more. If you’d like to discuss your vehicle accident, call me. Brian Eberstein. My direct line is 800-OLD-SCHOOL (800-653-7246), and you can call without worrying about any obligation. Please be safe and let me know if I can help.