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Staying Safe During the Coronavirus Outbreak

Covid-19 is a world disaster. While on lockdown, many of us have the ability to control our exposure in public places like grocery stores and parks. But what about your place of employment? Do you risk contacting Covid-19 while you are at work? If you’re trying to avoid getting sick or being exposed while working, is your job at risk? Choosing between your health and your paycheck can present a number of blurred lines. What are your rights? Do you risk losing your job if you refuse to show up to work? What if the worst happens?

As you know, there are many different variables depending on your place of employment or the type of job you have. The laws may not be as clear as a Google search may appear. It takes a professional to help you navigate these questions.

Have You Contracted Coronavirus at your Job?

Speaking of the worst-case scenario, what happens if you get Coronavirus from your job? If you have gotten sick at work, there may be a legal remedy. You may have a workers compensation claim against an insurance company or you may have a claim against your employer. If you would like to talk about this, call me directly at 800-OLD-SCHOOL (800-653-7246). As always, there is NO obligation on your part, financial or otherwise. This is a discussion between a professional lawyer and you, not a case manager or assistant. Get the legal answers you need regarding your job and the Coronavirus pandemic.