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Texas Truck Accident Help

You’re right. Truck accidents often destroy lives and families. In Texas we often joke about the interstate system here and how bad the traffic can be. The semi trucks rumbling down I-35 or I-75 make a road trip nearly unbearable. However, this is no laughing matter. Truck wrecks can be physically damaging but few people talk about the emotional and psychological hardships. It’s not something you should face alone.

What kind of impact has Coronavirus had on your business? From restaurant owners to shops and fitness centers, everyone has had a different experience. Have you closed the doors of your business? Wondering if you’ll be able to pull through? If you’re struggling to keep your business open or you are experiencing a state of emergency because of stay-at-home orders, there may be more options for help. You’re not alone; this has happened to thousands of businesses, both big and small.

Why get a Lawyer if you have been in a Truck Accident?

If you have been in a truck accident you should know you need help immediately. It goes far beyond simply filing a police report, as there may be evidence that must be preserved at the crash site itself. You simply cannot wait as evidence could be lost or destroyed. Preservation of any computer information on the vehicles involved is often crucial to the success or failure of a truck crash case. These accidents are quite different from non-commercial vehicle accidents. There is much more to consider that is crucial to your future well-being.

For more than 40 years I have fought for the rights of my clients, working on, settling, and trying serious truck accident cases. If you’d like to discuss your truck accident case with me, not my paralegal or my assistant but with me, call me on my direct line. You can reach me at 800-OLD-SCHOOL (800-653-7246). We’ll talk. No obligation whatsoever. I will answer most, if not all, of your questions.